Last week Gelato offered a short webinar with tips on how to reduce complexity and capture efficiencies within your printing process. These fundamental truths will benefit any marketing team needing to decrease the workload associated with printed material.

5 tips to avoid hidden inefficiencies:

  • Design to standard - unless you are designing for a high-touch event, global production is easier with standard sizes, fonts, and printing methods
  • The case for on-demand printing - save time and money by distributing the ownership of ordering printed material to those who truly own it
  • Print locally - printing locally lets you avoid dealing with customs and import taxes altogether
  • Select great printers - give yourself peace of mind with a high-quality print partner
  • Don't reinvent the wheel - use technology, templates, and some basic design rules to expedite the design and production of printed material

Watch our 15 minute video to hear some customer stories and gain more insight on how to execute these 5 tips.