Marketing in the booming Test and Measurement industry

Test and Measurement (T&M) equipment is used in designing, manufacturing, deploying and maintaining products and services across a wide variety of industries, including aerospace and defense, automotive, healthcare, and many more.

Demand for instruments and equipment is increasing, and the market is growing at a rapid Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 3.55%.

As technological advancements drive spend, suppliers battle for superiority in instrumental efficiency and precision. Innovation is key, and T&M companies typically spend over 10% of revenue on research and development (R&D)!

However, it’s not enough to innovate in isolation. The market must be informed and educated on the advantages of advancements, and this provides challenges of its own.

T&M products often require substantial investment and, due to the nature of their applications, can be mission critical. As such, the purchase process is normally a thorough and in-depth affair. Although buyers prefer seeing and experiencing prospective equipment in person, it isn’t always possible in the early stages of the sales process due the size and complexity of goods -- transportation and effective demonstration can be tricky.

Even when it is possible, detailed accompanying material still is needed to provide specifications and detailed information to aid and inform the buyer’s decision.

This is where print and the T&M industry are so intrinsically linked.

Common T&M marketing and sales materials include printed spec sheets, reports, case studies, and price lists which are easily shared with those involved in the decision-making process.

Nowhere is detail and accuracy more important than in the T&M industry - an area where print wins out. Researchers in learning and text comprehension show that print can help people engage with, and comprehend, information more deeply than via digital counterparts.

Print also regularly acts as the physical embodiment of the solutions on offer. For this reason, quality must be of the highest standard to positively represent the brand.

Due to the sensitive and capital-intensive nature of the business, T&M companies commonly centralize their R&D and production facilities with marketing staying close. As a result marketing material is often produced nearby and shipped out to the field offices upon production or upon request.

At Gelato, we ensure consistent high print quality worldwide and print close to the delivery destination. For our customers in the T&M industry, this provides competitive advantage as up to date marketing materials are easily accessible. Prints are simply ordered on demand and delivered quickly. The nature of the solution enables personnel to print what is necessary for the specific job or event at hand.

From supplying onboard strain gauges for the moon landing, to assisting the BepiColombo Mercury Mission of today, HBM Test and Measurement remains the technology and market leader in T&M. It uses Gelato to support its sales and marketing efforts across the world. (Read their case study here.)

Gilbert Schwartmann, Head of Marketing Communications at HBM says, “Gelato is the only solution that has the global footprint that matches our needs.

“When our sales team meets with a car manufacturer, they can now take the up-to-date case studies or white papers showing our experience in the same industry – rather than an entire catalogue.”

In a competitive marketplace, Gelato provides a simple and effective solution that helps companies print what they need, where they need, when they need. Our consistent, high quality products match the very highest of brand values and provides an all important edge to companies that push the boundaries of operational efficiency.