Last minute Black Friday preparation

It’s that time of year when friends in more conventional 9-to-5 jobs are starting to think about office parties and a slow winding-down to vacation. Yet for you, the ecommerce entrepreneur, the pace is ramping up, with fuzzy thoughts of eggnog and mistletoe put firmly on hold, as the busiest period of the year looms large.

The first milestone is that crazy-frantic-magical time bookended by Black Friday (November 26th) and Cyber Monday (November 29th). It’s almost upon us, but there’s still time to get everything ship-shape, and get the sales that justify your hard graft over the last few months.

This year consumers have been researching purchases earlier, so as to avoid gaps under the tree. So expect visitors to your site to start arriving far sooner than in previous years. However, unlike those guests who show up before the holiday party is due to start (and you are still getting ready), we want you to be in the best possible position to welcome these early arrivals...and get their business.

We're here to support you by offering localized production that will ensure your customers are happy and with you for every holiday season to come.

Last-minute optimization for your store

In our Holiday season tips blog we provided a detailed list of how to get your store ready for the Holiday season. We covered everything from checking a website’s loading speed to ensuring your page is optimized for mobile viewing; the value of strengthening customer service to talking with existing customers. That post remains relevant and might still provide inspiration, but now, as time is of the essence, we are proposing that the best last-minute finessing and perfecting of your store might be achieved by talking with those closest to you.

Invite friends and family...the ones in 9-to-5 jobs that we mentioned visit your store ASAP. The most constructive criticism can come from those who truly want the best for you, so ask them for their honest feedback.

Send them in with the following checklist:

  • Is my site easy to navigate?
  • Am I showcasing the best items? (For both the season and for enjoyment throughout the year)
  • Do you understand (and like!) the deals that I am hoping will incentivize shoppers?
  • Have I made clear the last delivery dates?
  • Is it clear how items might be returned?
  • Is it obvious how customers might communicate with customer service?
  • Do you like the checkout experience?
  • Does my site clearly explain my USP of localized production, which bypasses the supply chain challenges of traditional retailers?

Use these insights to do last-minute fine-tuning (and perhaps take a hint and give your secret shoppers the items which said that they most liked as this year’s gifts!).

Have you started your BFCM preparations?

The countdown is on, so make the most of the upcoming days to prepare your store. Find more tips and inspiration for this Holiday season on our Holiday Preparation page.