Embrace the power of local to win this Holiday season

The current turmoil in the shipping industry and the broader supply chain crisis is showing no signs of relenting. The causes are many, from a lack of drivers to lockdown-linked backlogs to fuel shortages, yet the impact is felt across the world in the form of increased demand, shortage of supply, and shipping delays - just ahead of the busiest ecommerce season of the year.

Rethinking traditional methods of global production

Though these international issues can often feel remote, the real-world impact reaches everyone, including global ecommerce. What’s clear to us at Gelato is that the traditional model of centralized production and cross-border shipping, relied upon by many ecommerce stores both before and during the pandemic, isn’t working.

We have built the world’s largest network of local production partners across 33 countries so that we can produce your products as close as possible to your customers. By producing more of your products locally, you not only help ensure a more resilient supply chain and reliable delivery - but also enable more local businesses to flourish, reduce transportation distances and carbon emissions.

While delays may still occur, and we encourage you to stay updated on our last order dates, our local production model helps shorten transportation times and speed up deliveries, making your business less reliant on cross-border shipping during the holiday season - and beyond.

Tap into the power of local production

The chances are that, as an ecommerce entrepreneur reading these words, you are already a user of Gelato, and fully appreciate the value of our local production model.

You will be aware that by activating the Gelato network of more than 100 local production partners worldwide means your products are made and delivered as close as possible to your customers.

You will know that this local production method leaves you far less exposed to the current uncertainties associated with traditional global manufacturing, and that it grants you access to the same powerful global reach, profit margins, and speed as many and much larger ecommerce brands.

We also hope you know that by choosing local production on demand, you are making a choice that is better for both people and the planet. As your ecommerce business scales and attracts more customers, so do our local production partners across the globe and their ability to generate value and jobs in their communities.

However, do your customers know of your revolutionary method of local production? We think it is a key USP for your business worth communicating.

Communicating your local edge to your customers

Customers can derive comfort and reassurance from knowing that by purchasing from you, the odds are increased that they will receive their items on time - while also making a purchasing decision that empowers local businesses, reduces waste and carbon emissions.

“Now [using Gelato] our business is built for scale, and we are faster, smarter, and greener. Our products arrive faster, our production is more sustainable, and our supply chain more reliable," says Mapiful founder Edvin Brobeck.

The holiday season may pass, but we believe that local and a more resilient and sustainable way of production is here to stay. We also recommend that you encourage your customers to place their orders as early as possible, which will also help increase the likelihood of orders arriving in time before the holidays.

You can find suggestions for how to communicate to your customers and other Holiday shipping tips here. We are grateful and proud to support you and your business through what we hope and believe will be a busy, but exciting holiday ecommerce season.

Make sure to check out the Holiday Preparation page where you will find order deadlines, tips and inspiration to help make your ecommerce business thrive.