Diversify your drinkware line for the Holidays

Looking for a popular product to expand your catalog and prepare for the Holiday season? Look no further - our drinkware family has grown to include more options for you to create new best selling designs. All these new options can be explored in Gelato’s catalog.

A different mug for every lifestyle

Whether you are running to work, coming back from the gym, camping with some friends, or watching your favorite movie at home, there is a perfect mug for that moment. Unleash your creativity and create unique mugs which will fit your customers’ lifestyles and special moments.

Drinking on the go

  • Stainless steel bottles are a hot commodity due to their functional everyday use and highly customizable style. This personalizable bottle can carry 500ml and is suitable for both cold or hot liquids as its vacuum sealed cap will keep the temperature hot or cold for 6 hours. On top of this they are suitable for all usages like fitness, travel, or work, and also are suitable for all ages - a leakproof (aka child-proof) cap will ensure the liquids stay safe inside. These bottles are the perfect gift for the holiday season as they are a product that customers will use throughout the seasons - from hot chocolate in the winter to ice-cold refreshments in the middle of summer. We recommend testing out designs that will stand the test of time, as this bottle surely will!

  • The travel mug is the favorite companion for coffee and tea lovers across the globe. Whether your customers prefer to drink it hot or cold, this mug will be a perfect fit as it’s vacuum-sealed. A screw-top lid ensures easy transportation and lets buyers move around as much as they need, knowing they are safe from spills!

Either of these two travel-friendly vessels would help your customers stay hydrated while offering them extra mobility and a more sustainable alternative to single-use plastic cups or bottles. By creating cool and nice alternatives for them to choose from, your business can also contribute to and promote the usage of more sustainable options on a daily basis.

For adventure seekers and outdoor enthusiasts

  • The camping mug is made in stainless steel for increased durability when your customers are out camping, climbing, or wherever their adventure takes them. Camping mugs have been growing in popularity over the past years and these are sure to be a bestseller in your store this holiday season. Play around with trendy designs, and think about what your customers would like to see as they are enjoying their morning cup of coffee in the middle of nature.

Cozy moments

Fall has arrived, which means that people have more moments at home curled up with a blanket, their favorite book or show, and a hot beverage. Mugs are a staple in everyone’s home, used for our favorite hot beverages ranging from breakfast to tea time or hot chocolate.

  • The porcelain slim mug is a great fit for cozy moments and features a fluted top, and a curved handle, an elegant fit for customers looking for an elevated design to have at home. When designing mugs for everyday use - think about your own personal favorites - what do you love about your go-to mug? What designs can you create for customers that will give them the same emotional response?

  • The colored mug is the classic bestselling mug but features a black handle and interior. Its simplicity makes it timeless and so easy to customize and adapt to any design, color, or trend. Additionally, this mug is one of the most preferred ones by customers due to its quality and durability.

Appeal to sustainably-minded shoppers

Your customers will value the effort and the awareness in your catalog proposal. Our mugs and bottles are produced on demand and across our global network of local producers, which not only helps reduce delivery times and costs for your ecommerce business and your customers - it reduces carbon emissions and wastes while strengthening local communities.

Create your new artistic mugs in minutes

You can design your own mugs and start selling them today to get ready for the Holiday season. It’s very easy to adapt any design idea and create different combinations using Gelato’s editing tools. You can personalize the bottle or mug color by including different patterns, letterings, images, or designs.

Feel free to follow highly demanded trends like including letterings of nice messages or names, personalize your bottle and mug proposal for your customers, or allowing them to create their own design using the same Gelato editing tools.

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