Bestsellers to boost your holiday sales

The holiday season is here, and it’s looking different for many of us. One difference is that more people than ever will avoid a bustling high street in favor of shopping online. In fact, Deloitte has estimated that online holiday sales are expected to increase 25-35% for the 2020 season.

Do you have a plan to maximize your revenue during this heavy shopping season? Get more customers in the door, increase basket size and set yourself up for success in 2021 with a higher repeat customer rate by offering a wider array of our best-selling products:

Top pick #1: Wall art and seasonal home décor

It’s time to deck the halls - literally. Deloitte has found that budgets that consumers previously used for travel is being funneled toward home and seasonal décor this year. There is a huge array of possibilities within this vertical - from posters, canvases, acrylic and metal prints being some of the options you have on Gelato. Choose to create festive seasonal décor to add some cheer to your customers’ homes, or allow them to personalize products to create a unique gift.

Wall art can be marketed as a premium product, making it possible to get some of the highest margins in the print-on-demand space.

Top pick #2: Christmas and greeting cards

At the end of a year marked by distance, many people are looking to connect with their loved ones. Etsy has already seen a 73% increase in searches for greeting cards and 23% increase in searches for holiday cards this year. Greeting cards are a simple product to offer and can offer surprisingly high margins. It’s the perfect upsell product as well - it’s easy and convenient to add a pack of cards to a basket during checkout.

Top pick #3: Calendars

Calendars are a hot seller during Q4 and early Q1. For a small (or large) business, calendars can help fill the gap between Christmas and the early days of January that tend to bring lower sales than the rest of the season. Having a calendar on your customers’ wall is an easy way to remind them of your brand every single day of the year. Your customers will love both gifting your calendars and using them in their own homes to mark birthdays, anniversaries, and special events.

Top pick #4: Mugs

Mugs are a perennial favorite when it comes to gifts. In a year where your customers may be looking to give something special that is also budget-friendly, a mug is perfect for ticking both boxes. It’s a gift that is both personal, yet affordable, and can help show a wider community - such as teachers, co-workers, and more - that they’re cared for. Customers will love browsing designs to find the one that best suits their loved one’s personality, or putting their own spin on a custom cup.

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