As CO2 emissions hit an all-time high, the time to act is now

At Gelato, we think about the environment every day, but with World Earth Day this April 22nd, it’s a good time for reflection.

At the start of April it was reported that CO2 emissions hit an all-time high due to a surprising rise in energy demands worldwide by a total of 2.3%. Much of this increased demand was met by fossil fuel consumption which pushed carbon dioxide emissions to a historic 33bn Gt, which is 1.7% up from last year according to the International Energy Agency (IEA).

With demands for energy rising dramatically, it’s more important than ever to offset CO2 consumption by behaving responsibly and sustainably in life and in business. Much of this can be achieved with embracing technology. Whether it’s electric vehicles, solar energy, kinetic energy, innovation in recycling technologies or operational efficiencies powered by software intelligence.

At Gelato, our mission is to help companies cut their print volumes by 50% and shipping distances by up to 90%. Besides the obvious cost benefits, it contributes to their reduction in carbon footprint. In some cases, that reduces the distance printed material has to travel by 400km per brand annually. That is the distance to the moon!

Emissions in the EU are actually on the decline. In the UK alone emissions dropped 3% last year mostly thanks to declining usage of coal generated energy and wind providing 17.1% of all electricity consumed in the UK in 2018, a new record. While Sweden is leading the way to a low carbon economy partly through the introduction of CO2 taxes which have also been embraced by Norway, the Netherlands and several US states.

However, despite such big improvements in some parts of the world, emissions worldwide are still on the rise, much as a result of heating and cooling energy consumption due to climate change. While it’s important to keep the pressure on governments and institutions, our responsibility must increase as individuals. Take some time this World Earth Day to consider what more you and your company can do for the planet.

Here are a few of my favourites:

At home -

  • Use a shower timer
  • Turn off your devices when you’re out or at night
  • Put on a jumper at home instead of increasing your heating
  • Use LED or CFL light bulbs
  • If you can, invest in solar power for your home
  • Travel by foot or cycle (or scoot!) where possible

In the office –

  • Question how much work travel is needed, use more video conferencing
  • Ensure all paper has been sourced responsibly (from FSC or recycled sources)
  • Ensure your colleagues switch their devices off
  • Use the stairs more often
  • Source local solutions

At Gelato, it is important for us to know we contribute positively to your sustainability goals while delivering a great experience with our technology. We make continuous efforts, through innovation, to reduce our customers’ footprints. As energy demand is on the rise, it’s all the more important for businesses to behave responsibly and work with partners who take sustainability seriously.

About the Author
Adar is an Account Director at Gelato working with our Enterprise customers. Prior to Gelato, Adar worked in Global Marketing Implementation as Innovations Director helping global brands create smart and efficient production workflows.