A lesson from Gelato’s expansion into China

For many companies, expanding into China can seem overwhelming and adressing 1.5 billion possible customers a to big task.

Between the country’s low costs of production and the huge numbers of companies trying to do business there, it can feel as though there is no room in the market for an extra player.

But by looking away from the most obvious problem areas and examining the industry as a whole, you can often find places for improvement that no one has noticed.

Take Gelato’s expansion into China. Before moving into the country, we assembled a local team of experts and spent time learning about the unique challenges we would face in the local market.

Many skeptics told us that the country’s low costs of production and shipping meant that companies operating in China were less in need of our low-cost printing services.

But production and shipping are only the most obvious costs.

There are huge inefficiencies in other parts of the printing process that drive up costs for companies all over the world.

These include massive administration overheads that often make up 80% of a company’s printing costs, and bloated permission systems that can involve up to 10% of a business’s employees, wasting time and resources.

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Gelato’s global network of professional printing houses and brand management system tackles these problems.

We carefully allocate print jobs to local facilities, which stops our clients wasting time dealing with customs and shipping companies.

Similarly, our guaranteed brand consistency saves customers from the long and arduous process of finding print houses that can print documents that meet the company’s exact brand specifications.

By fixing these long-neglected problems, Gelato has been able to find a foothold in the world’s most competitive market.

By thinking creatively and spending time on the ground in a target market, we believe it is possible for any company to have such success.