4 pitfalls to avoid as a CMO

If you’re a senior marketer, there’s a strong chance you’ve noticed your role steadily increasing in breadth and complexity over recent years.

Marketers are now expected to master many different media forms, plan year-long advertising campaigns, adapt new technologies, liaise with potential customers, and be the driving force behind sales growth.

The good news is that marketing teams have seen their budgets expand along with their roles.

The bad news is that senior marketers are under increasing pressure to demonstrate returns, and can find their jobs in jeopardy if they fail to deliver.

With so much scrutiny, it’s no wonder that CMO’s tend to have shorter tenures than any other C-suite executive.

To protect your job and see your company flourish, here are four pitfalls to avoid:

1) Isolating your team from the rest of the company

Many marketing teams spend so much time pitching to clients in the outside world that they forget it is just as important to appeal to people inside their own companies.

Neglecting relationships with others in the organization makes it much harder to get support for ambitious marketing projects.

It can also undermine existing marketing efforts, as different members of the company use old branding or promote the wrong message.

Reach out to different departments and discuss your marketing plans with a range of individuals in order to secure support for your work throughout your organization.

2) Spending without tracking results

Thanks to technology, it is possible to track the business generated by every online advertisement or marketing event.

Because of this, company’s finance departments now expect to see concrete evidence that the marketing department is getting the best bang for their buck.

If you can’t prove a good return on investment for every element of your marketing campaign, you risk getting your budget slashed.

Avoid this by investing in marketing solutions that allow you to clearly track your spending and measure how often your efforts translate into new customers for your business.

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3) Not taking charge of easy wins

Too many marketers spend all their time fiddling with the newest technological gimmick or planning convoluted and complicated marketing campaigns.

They forget that in many cases, improving a company’s ‘traditional’ advertising methods is the quickest and easiest ways to see big gains in a marketing team’s performance.

Print is a good example of an important but often neglected marketing channel.

Although this medium form an important part of almost every company’s marketing strategy, it is often ignored in favor of exciting new technologies.

This can mean that companies waste time and money on outdated and inefficient print strategies.

Switching to a modern print management solution could save you hundreds of hours and maximize your return on investment.

Make sure to regularly review every element of your marketing strategy to make sure you’re not missing easy improvements.

4) Missing out on technological solutions

While it’s important to be careful not to get distracted by gimmicky technology, good CMOs know to keep an eye out for new solutions that can genuinely improve marketing processes.

For example, the CMO of a global Scandinavian corporation was able to use new DAM technologies and print management solutions to carry out the normally painstaking task of rebranding in just two days.

By allowing offices to change their marketing and event materials on a device independent software platform and printing the updated materials at local print houses, the CMO was able to quickly rebrand all 13,000 of the company’s employees, from CEO to secretary.