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A cloud based design editor with 10m+ global users in over 190 countries that have created over 100m bespoke designs.

The Problem

With a fast growing global user base, the software vendor struggled to launch and manage print capabilities in new geographies

Centrally managing global print fulfilment is hard. With millions of global users, from consumers to SMEs looking to print their bespoke designs, it became unmanageable and costly to create and manage new printer relationships internally across the world, with language barriers, quality concerns and software restrictions.

The Solution

Integrating with Gelato’s API enables the software vendor to launch print in multiple countries seamlessly and ensure print consistency

By integrating with the Gelato API the software vendor was able to launch in South America with no local assets on the ground and now has the option to offer print in 106 countries through one integration.

Our more than 15 million users can now by a single click of a button get what they have created professionally printed and delivered at their doorstep
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We deliver to an extensive list of countries and have local production in most regions.
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Most packages are delivered 3 business days after the order has been placed and confirmed.
Today we print locally in 29 countries.
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