Frequently asked questions
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To which countries do you deliver?

We deliver to an extensive list of countries and have local production in most regions.
See a full overview of all countries.

How quickly do you deliver?

Most packages are delivered 2-4 business days after the order has been placed and confirmed.
Today we print locally in 30 countries.
Exceptions for high volumes, complex formats, or certain countries.

Shipping options

What are the shipping options for my orders?

We provide a combination of local and international shipping options. You can see what shipment methods are available when sending a quote request.

  • In most countries, we offer the option to choose between Standard/Economy and Express shipping.
  • Standard/Economy is a delivery service for mail that is too heavy for a normal letter post. Delivery time for domestic standard parcel delivery normally takes between 2-4 days.
  • Express Services are processed by the shipping company as a priority as it is time-sensitive: delivery is expedited. When delivery time is critical, we recommend opting for Express delivery.
  • Pallet shipping for large orders: To ensure the quality of the delivered products for large orders and volumes, we will ship on pallets for orders weighing over 28kg. A loading bay, lifting platform or other forklift equipment is required for receiving the goods.

When do you split the orders?

Based on the number of products you are ordering, and the selected shipping method on Gelato:

  • Less than ~7kg print material goes in a single shipment, else the order is shipped with split shipments
  • Orders that have products weighing more than ~28kg are shipped on a pallet
  • For orders with multiple products, flat & smaller size products such as Brochures, Flyers, Letterheads, etc. might be combined in a shipment BUT Roll-ups and Posters are always shipped separately from other products. This is to avoid damage to the Roll-ups or Posters as they require packaging to protect them better.
  • Rarely, products on a single order are printed at different Printhouse because of the type of products possible for a given printer. In such a case, there will be multiple shipments for the customer

Example response from quote service

Why there is a character limit in the address lines?

Many shipping providers have strict limits of how many characters can fit on the label.
If the number of characters is exceeded, they cut the line anyway, and might not see some important information, like the house number or the company name.
Based on our 10+ years of experience delivering to 100+ countries, there shouldn't be any issues with those limits, even for really long addresses or names.
Shortened names can be used in the address line, for instance, for avenues, buildings, etc.

What address should I use for a test order on staging?
You can input any valid address for the country you want to test. For example, the address of a hotel in the capital city.

File requirements

Do you have any file requirements?

Print ready PDFs files yield the best print results. Below are a few guidelines to follow when preparing print files for Gelato.

  • Before deciding on a new design, please check the formats we carry.  Also, the “Gelato Standard” PDF export preset can be downloaded and installed in your Adobe tools.
  • Files should be exported as PDF/X-4 using CMYK-only, output intent set to GRACoL 2006
  • Fonts should be embedded or converted to outlines. For the best print output, we recommend using a minimum of 7 point font.
  • We require a 4 mm bleed area to be provided (8 mm on the binding side for Wire-O bound products)
  • Consider a minimum 4 mm safety area for the text and graphics to reduce cutting issues (8 mm on the binding side for Wire-O bound products)
  • Do not add crop marks, color bars, etc. our platform takes care of this automatically (will be added with the pdf preset or once you place an order)
  • For files with more than 4 pages, please export it as separate pages, not spread
  • Images should have a resolution of at least 300 dpi
  • Black and Grey tones: we recommend using solid colours (one channel colour, e.g. C0 M0 Y0 K70)
  • We recommend flattening all transparencies in the print ready file
  • Rich black: preferred mixture 60 60 60 100 – total 280 (for large elements and texts)
Customer information

What customer information does Gelato need to process the order?

We only need the information required for the order to reach the recipient.
That includes delivery address, recipient's full name, phone number, and email. Phone number and email are requested by many shipping providers to notify the customer about the status of the order, any shipping exceptions or agree on the delivery time. This is a mandatory field for many delivery methods, like express. If for some reason the customer's email is not available, you can provide your own support email as a fallback strategy. In this case, you will receive all communications (if there is any) regarding the delivery of that order.

Do we need to split the First name and Last name?
Yes, this is required by the shipping providers when they verify the customer identity. It's better if the split is done on your end, then as will have full control.

Customer support

My customer has a problem with their printed materials. What information do I need to provide to your customer support to resolve the issue?

Our Customer Support (CS) is available at If there is a production error or delivery issue, please reach out, indicating the following details:

  • Gelato Order ID
  • The description of the issue
  • Photos of the issue (mandatory for production issues)

Please note, that if the customer is experiencing unforeseen delays in delivery, we have exactly the same information as provided under the shipping link. Additional information can be provided only by the shipping providers themselves. When there are strikes, disruptions due to weather conditions, and other force majeure events, there is usually an information banner on the shipping providers' website.

Do you have a phone we can call to solve an issue for a customer?
Our Customer Support (CS) is email based only. They operate from 8 am till 11 pm CET, Monday to Friday. Our team strives to respond as fast as possible, and on average response time is under 1 hour. However, there are situations when the waiting time can reach up to 24 hours in very rare cases. This is majorly caused by our Christmas peak, which starts in October and lasts till the end of December.

If you need an urgent assistant, you can always reach out to your assigned account manager.

Can my customer change or cancel the order after it was placed?

In general, we recommend double-checking all the details and files before processing to check out. If, however, you found a mistake in the file or address, or need to cancel the order due to other reasons, it is possible only if the order hasn't been sent to printing. If the status of the order is other than new, it's not possible to change or cancel the order, it will be printed anyway.

Usually, we send all files to production at midnight in the region of production, thus, there is a higher probability to cancel the order on the same day it was placed. However, during the peak season, which is from October to December, we start uploading print jobs 2 times a day, thus, it might not be possible to cancel the order on the same day.


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