Gelato API - New standard in on-demand printing

Gelato API - New Standard in on-demand printing

• Local printing for 5 Billion people
• Delivery to 179 countries
• Thousands of Print Products
• Complete Payment Platform
• Integrate with Shopify

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Gelato prints locally, near the customer, and thus greatly reduces the shipping times. We’re super quick now, and can advertise with that too.
– Jort Kamphuis and Wessel Groenendijk, Your Film Poster

We’re looking forward to introducing our Canva Print services to more people around the world. Thanks to this collaboration with Gelato, our amazing design community in Japan, South Korea, Russia, US and Brazil will be able to design anything on Canva, and then have them professionally printed and delivered straight to their doorsteps with the help of the Gelato team. More importantly, we’re incredibly excited to share the same approach when it comes to protecting our environment.

Canva and Gelato are both aligned on sustainable printing and packaging, with a joint mission to produce superior quality print orders with environmental and social responsibility in mind. We look forward to enabling Canva Print into other countries and continents in 2020 through the Gelato network.

Jim Towle, Head of Global Print Operations at Canva

Print locally

Gelato’s software is connecting high-quality print facilities across the planet. We empower any person, organisation or company to access local printing and delivery via our easy to use APIs. Together with you we enable any human being on our planet to share their creativity.

Constantly improving your services

Gelato is an ever-growing network of payment providers, high-quality print partners and local shipping carriers. New features and physical products are launched every week. Together with you we enable more use-cases that empower your business.

If you have questions about products or features, contact Styrbjörn Holmberg on
+44 143 894 0923 or

Global scale overnight

You can now print locally for 5 billion customers in 30 countries. You can also deliver to another 70 countries - in total 5 billion people. Headquartered in Norway, Gelato has 11 global offices and together with our print partner there are thousands of people ready to support you and your customers.

If you have questions about launching or global countries, contact Duane Orridge on
+44 207 097 9319 or

Agile print management fuels growth

We deliver print consistency and the highest level of customer support coupled with 10+ years of experience as a brand guardian.

Global companies trust us every day with their brand image by using our cloud printing software. We treat your brand as if it was our own from reprints to fast support resolution. This is one of the reasons we offer 24/7 customer support globally to deliver the best user experience.

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  • One API integration for global printing
  • Secure development sandbox
  • Less waste and lower carbon footprint with local printing

Global quality control for your brand

Our vision is sustainable printing that is sourced responsibly and we want to share this with the world.

We only partner with printers using HP Indigo and Xerox iGen printers to ensure you can print the same formats and get the highest quality every time whether you print in China, Japan, US, India, Russia, Brazil, Europe, Mexico or almost anywhere in the world. We also visit all of our print partners in-person to ensure they meet the highest Gelato standards.

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  • Consistent high-quality printing
  • Next day production
  • Quality guarantee


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So we don't create any waste

A Developer first Print on demand API to easily manage high-frequency print production globally in 100+ countries

We believe that global print on demand is a problem rooted in code, not just print houses. We obsessively seek out elegant, composable abstractions that enable robust, scalable, flexible integrations. You will find our documentation simple and easy to follow. This is why you can get integrated with Gelato in a matter of hours not weeks.

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Partnering with Gelato is an excellent way for us to strengthen the capabilities of our brand management platform. By joining forces with a global, smart, and green printing service, we’ll be able to provide another layer to what we believe is the future of brand management.
Roger Dudler, Founder and CEO

Partnering with Gelato is an excellent way for us to strengthen the capabilities of our brand management platform.
Roger Dudler, Founder and CEO

By partnering with Gelato, MRM Global instantly benefits from a huge global reach of print partners and delivery suppliers connected by software and supported with global customer service. We were looking for a technology solution that would enable us to efficiently deliver printed marketing materials to bars, restaurants, and hotels all over the world. Gelato's API was exactly what we were looking for and provides us with a global end-to-end print solution accessible from a single API.
Craig Letton, CEO, MRM Global

Gelato's API was exactly what we were looking for and provides us with a global end-to-end print solution accessible from a single API.
Craig Letton, CEO, MRM Global

Doodlespot turns every child into an artist. Gelato makes them global.

Doodlespot chose Gelato because overnight the world became our marketplace. We could access high quality print in an environmental way, with fast delivery and local production. As a result of working with Gelato we have been able to start selling our products in several new countries in minutes!