Gelato Cloud has closed 👋

During our 4 years of operating Gelato Cloud we have learned a great deal about building a business-oriented product. Thank you for joining this adventure with us!

As a growing company we have decided to focus our resources solely on our core products: Optimalprint for consumers and small business, and Gelato Globe for medium to large companies.

Do you need to retrieve files from Gelato Cloud? is no longer accessible. If you need your files, please contact

What about my data on Gelato Cloud?
For your security all data on Gelato Cloud will be permanently erased on September 30, 2018.

How can I continue printing with Gelato?
We believe Optimalprint for Business will meet the needs of small companies without design teams. However for others, Gelato Globe is a better alternative, allowing the upload of designs and printing to over 100 countries. As a token of our appreciation, we are offering a special introductory discount on the standard subscription for Gelato Globe. If you would like to learn more, please register for a product demonstration or email us.

Do you have an outstanding order on Gelato Cloud?
Don't worry -- if you have already placed an order, it will be printed and delivered.

We thank you again for being a Gelato Cloud customer and hope you will consider Optimalprint or Globe for future printing needs!

The Gelato Team

About Optimalprint:
Quality cards created and ordered online. We focus on high quality design and card stock. Our delivery is supported by a 100% happiness guarantee. If you are not happy with your products - your money back, no matter what! We offer transparency in pricing, a speedy order process and super quick delivery in 48-72 hours.

About Gelato Globe:
Gelato is the world’s most cost-efficient and environmentally friendly print solution for global companies that wants to print locally around the world. By printing locally and on-demand, print related transportation can be reduced up to 90%, print volumes up to 50% and total cost of printing reduce by up to 50%.

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