Gelato is a software platform that gives global companies access to local printers around the world.

Cost control

Digitize print management and cut admin time. Through local and on-demand printing, shipping distances can be cut up to 90% and print volumes up to 50%. As a consequence total cost of printing can be reduced up to 50%.

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Green advantage

Once you get used to on-demand printing with rapid deliveries, you print less and more often. Less waste and paper used.

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Local printing

The Gelato platform supports local production in nearly 30 countries. The platform covers 11 languages and 23 currencies.

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Global delivery

We have local production in nearly 30 countries. Through our local printing and shipping partners we distribute to 100+ countries.

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Better print management

With the help of technology, Gelato brings sharing principles to the global printing industry. The result? More efficient and eco-friendly printing and print management. A perfect printing solution for global companies.

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Quality guarantee

Securing quality is what we’re all about, and we mean it: 100% refund if you're not happy with our quality.

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Brand control

Organize all your brand files in one platform for quick access, painless search and easy editing.

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Translation services

Through partnerships with language management specialists we simplify translation management.

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